CUE Development’s pipeline of inner-city mixed-use development projects is aimed at capitalizing on the resurgent Alberta economy to create long-term value for citizens and investors…

CUE Development was started in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2011. We invest in Calgary urban mixed-use development projects combining residential and commercial retail elements in a community scale.

The company takes pride in its hyper-focused investment approach, entrepreneurial thinking, capital discipline and lean operating model as a strategy to exceed the expectations of its equity investors and development partners.

Since it’s inception over 11 years ago, CUE Development has specialized in conceptualizing, capitalizing, constructing and marketing “community-forward” urban mixed-use projects that offer competitive risk-adjusted returns for its principals and limited partners. The company participates in all stages of the urban redevelopment business, including financing, acquisition, development, marketing, leasing and sales.

Currently, CUE Development is developing a program of inner-city mixed-use projects in Calgary that will address the predictable surge in demand for community-oriented rental housing and commercial services as the city recovers from a highly depressed economy. 

The company has demonstrated enviable marketing timing and capital restraint throughout Calgary’s unprecedented downcycle from 2014 – 2021. CUE Development is executing a tightly defined development program between 2022 – 2030 that will deliver into an unprecedented economic upcycle.