CUE Developments supports stakeholders’ broader contextual understanding of the merits and characteristics of our development projects. These resources are intended to assist you with general information we consider relevant to our projects. You may find these links useful to understanding real estate markets, the development industry, broader economic events and trends.

Calgary Real Estate Board

CREB exists to meet the needs of property buyers and sellers in Calgary through a variety of services including the MLS System, whose computerized technology allows realtors and the general public to access and exchange information about properties for sale in Calgary and surrounding communities.

The City of Calgary

The City of Calgary website offers extensive information and resources relating to the development and management of the city and the issues facing its citizens.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

The CMHC Market Analysis Centre produces a series of national, regional and local reports to provide you with a comprehensive housing view across the country. The reports offer you an objective analysis of housing, rental and renovation activity, economic factors and demographic trends in major markets across Canada. They also offer forecasts of new and resale market activity and many other housing market indicators. See why many housing industry professionals across Canada depend on them for the straight facts on local market activity.

The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail website provides a very good general resource for Canadian investment news and market information.